The angler caught in the sea baby


Photo: Jessica Whyte

In New Zealand fisherman pulled from the sea 18-month-old child who ran away from his parents. Reported by the Associated Press

Gus Hutt (Hutt Gus) noticed floating on the waves baby when you checked the set on a beach donkey. He caught his hand and pulled out of the water. “Even then I thought it just a doll — says the man. — A face like porcelain, his hair wet. But then he quietly squeaked. “Oh my God, I think. Is a child, and living””.

The Hutt took the boy to a nearby campground. According to the owner of the camp Rebecca Salter (Rebecca Salter), wet the baby was very pale, and his hair and clothes were full of sand. “I ran into the house and brought a whole pile of towels and blankets to keep him warm she says. All this time he whined”.

As it turned out, the baby’s parents slept in the camp and did not notice as he slipped out of the tent. The boy was able to reach the sea, fell into the water and swam about 15 meters. “If I wasn’t there, or I came a minute late, you would not have seen him,” says the fisherman.

The child was taken to the hospital. After examination, the doctors concluded that he was not injured. The police are not planning to bring his parents to justice.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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