The guards of the Chechen leadership was released from punishment for extortion


Then Bolotbaev and said Omewhat: Irina Bujor / “Kommersant”

The court has stopped criminal case of extortion of 45 million rubles from the publisher of the magazine “Aeroexpress”, Konstantin Zhukov, accused involving interior Ministry officers, guarding the leadership of Chechnya. On Tuesday, November 6, reports RBC.

According to Vadim Maslenkina, the lawyer of one of defendants in the case, the court considered the composition of the extortion unproved and softened the accusation, having reclassified in the article about arbitrariness. The judge decided to appoint accused the fines up to 50 thousand rubles, but because the Statute of limitations on charges of arbitrariness has already expired, the case was dismissed and the fine is not recovered.

On 14 October it became known that employees of the Chechen interior Ministry said Akmaev and treat Bolotbaeva, former guards of the Deputy of the state Duma Adam Delimkhanov, was released from jail. The Prosecutor’s office did not submit another request for extension to them of the arrest and the defendants were released under the obligation to appear in court.

Akmaev and Bolotbaev were taken into custody in August 2016 for extortion from a businessman Zhukov. At that time both were security guards of the state Duma Deputy from Chechnya Adam Delimkhanov, one of them was his driver.

According to investigators, in June of the same year Konstantin Zhukov had a conflict with a business partner Evgeniy Katkov. The latter led to a meeting with it people from Chechnya and Ingushetia, and they began to threaten Zhukov criminal prosecution and punishment. As a result, the businessman was forced to write an IOU to the address Katkov 45 million rubles, and after a while went to the police.

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