The Manager of the ISS Russian computer broke


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In the Russian segment of the ISS went out on one of the three management computers, reported “Interfax” a source in the U.S. control over the station.

“Fixed the failure by removing the willingness of one of the three computers that control the Russian segment of the ISS Zvezda module. While restoring my computer can not” — said the Agency interlocutor. Two other computer, according to a source, are working normally.

In November, the head of the Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, said that Russia plans to create on the lunar surface visited a long-term basis. The study of Earth’s satellite will be entrusted to robots, avatars.

In October at the 123-th second of the flight on the rocket “Soyuz-FG”, launched from the spacecraft “Soyuz MS-10” to the ISS, there was an emergency shutdown of engines of the second stage of the rocket. Were in the ship cosmonaut of the Roscosmos Alexei Ovchinin and NASA astronaut Tyler Hague, Nicholas used the recovery system, through which the crew made an emergency landing in the descent capsule of the spaceship. The cause of the accident, according to the conclusion of investigating the incident of the Commission, “is operational in nature.”

In August, Rogozin said about air leak on the ISS, which has caused a hole with a diameter of about two millimeters in the skin of the spacecraft “Soyuz MS-09”, docked to the Russian segment of the station. Later it became known that the hole was the result of intentional exposure of the drill on the hull of a ship. Russian cosmonauts were able to quickly repair the hole, but the final causes of the incident and the perpetrators and the motives of their actions “Roskosmos” is still not installed.

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