Zoo visitors threw a slow crocodile rocks


Photo: AsiaWire

In China, zoo visitors threw stones at the crocodile, to make sure he was real. According to the Mirror, the incident, the reptile was bled to death.

The incident occurred in Xiamen, Fujian province in the Southeast of the country. The victim was 37-year-old saltwater crocodile named Xiao he. Reptile weighs 1250 kilograms, reaching a length of 5.8 meters and is considered the largest in all of Asia.

One of the stones broke the head of the crocodile, then began bleeding. Injuries also found on the limbs of a crocodile.

The zoo staff called the police, but the visitors managed to escape.

“We immediately pumped the water out of his pool and began to heal him. Xiao will require from ten days to two weeks to recover,” — said the zoo Keeper Zhang Xiang.

Zhang explained that the crocodiles don’t move at all during the cold season, so visitors might think that Xiao unreal. “Tourists throw stones at him and poke sticks. We will strengthen measures for the protection of animals, but I think you should start with the visitors ‘ experience,” said the caretaker.

Authorities declared tourists-offenders crocodile wanted, but due to the lack of security cameras near the enclosure with the crocodile finding problems can occur.

The Asian branch of the environmental organization PETA demanded that the management of the zoo to release Xiao he into the wild, since they can’t protect him.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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