A man accidentally sawed off his hand and put it back in place


Frame: metro.co.uk

Resident of the Indian state of Kerala sewed sawed off hand. This publication reports the Metro.

22-year-old sawmill worker, was injured through the fault of the bull, which escaped from a nearby farm. When the animal broke into the production room, the man started to run and tripped. As a result, his hand was under the running machine, the machine sawed the limb in the wrist.

The victim was rescued by the quick reaction of colleagues. They stopped the bleeding and took him to the hospital, seizing a sawed-off brush in the package with ice.

To sew the hand, needed two operations, which lasted 12 hours. During the first surgeons connect blood vessels and bones. Three days later during a second surgery was connected by nerves and muscles.

It is alleged that after this the brush function has recovered to 90 percent. Doctors believe that full recovery to the man will take two to three months of physical therapy.

In January it was reported that a teenager from Northern Ireland, who lost his leg due to a malignant tumor, sew the foot to the knee. After surgery, the ankle joint plays the role of the knee, which greatly simplifies the use of the prosthesis.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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