A terminally ill guy asked the Internet making fun of him


Photo: asmordious / Reddit

A man with cancer under the ear asked Reddit users bombard him with jokes about his cancer.

“I tell everybody that it’s benign, because I don’t want anyone upset, but cancer will probably kill me before I’ll have surgery,” wrote a cancer patient with the nickname asmordious. “You have so long entertained me, and now I have something I want you to return,” added asmordious mercilessly and called on him to joke.

“Can you give me back the ball?” started JesseIsUgly. “When someone tells you to swallow your balls, don’t need to understand it so literally,” he picked up TonyTheTerp.

One of the jokers suggested that the tumor on the neck of the man is the second head, which is trying to grow the body, because “he’s too ugly.” “Well, you know, they say that two heads are better than one. I never thought that my body will understand it’s literally shit,” replied asmordious.

Some condemned the man for what the last moments of life on Reddit. “Reddit makes me laugh,” said the author of the thread. “And God gave you cancer. Good luck!” replied.

“Pedophile mustache is the only thing that is wrong with this person”, — said a user with the nickname jpetra2015.

Users joked that the family of the owner of the tumor was upset to learn that the growth is benign. Asmordious commented on all the jokes addressed to him, in response to what the comedians have switched to a different tone: I asked him not to despair and to defeat the disease.

“Dude, please keep us posted, I really hope you can handle this, and reading these comments just shows how you are healthy, stay strong and positive,” — wished him swornorbs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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