Airlines warned about the risk of a new Boeing


Photo: Vit Simanek / Global Look Press

Boeing plans to send to the operators of its new 737 Max, a warning about the risk of occurrence of an accident. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to sources.

The statement said that due to erroneous performance of the system monitoring the flight, the aircraft can break in a steep dive. Boeing will send the instructions for pilots on how to act in order to avoid this problem.

The warning is based on preliminary results of a study of accidents involving airliner Lion Air. It turned out that the aircraft can automatically lower the nose when possible disruption of the flow.

Passenger plane Boeing 737 Max 8 budget airline Lion Air disappeared from radar 13 minutes after takeoff from Jakarta. He served as a flight JT-610 in the Indonesian city of pangkal Pinang. The crew before the crash, has requested to return to airport of departure. On Board were 189: 181 passengers, including employees of the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia, the two pilots and six crew members.

The victim of the accident the aircraft was operated from August and were fit for flight. Two pilots of the airliner flew a total of 11 thousand hours. According to Lion Air during the previous flight crashed liner there was a technical problem, but its fixed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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