Cow dung endangered air transportation in Estonia


Photo: Romy Arroyo Fernandez /

Flights from the Estonian island of Ruhnu can be affected by cows that are selected on the airfield. This was stated by the Governor of the island municipality of Siim AVI, reports on Wednesday, November 7, the newspaper Saarte Haal.

The owner supports the airport company Hulot, Mell confirmed that the presence of cow-dung on the runway can lead to unpleasant consequences. According to him, in the warm season litter prevents the grip of the chassis with the ground, sticks to the body of the aircraft, and it also gets in the brake system. In winter, the cow’s excreta is dangerous for the propellers and landing gear.

Mell also noted that adhering to manure, in contrast to the usual dirt, hardly removed from the surface of the aircraft.

The owner of the company said that the mere presence of cows on the airfield can also be dangerous. According to him, already had a situation when a flight had to be postponed due to walking the runway animals.

In may, the raccoon got stuck in the Air Canada plane and delayed the flight to Toronto for a few hours. The beast hid inside the hose of the air conditioner, and then flew up and got stuck in the ventilation system of the aircraft. The animal was discovered before boarding, the crew members when hooked up the tube with air to ship.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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