Cut the hands of the wife of the Russian demanded to put for 17 years


Dmitry Gracevit: OKA FM / YouTube

The Prosecutor’s office demanded to sentence to 17 years in strict regime of the inhabitant of Serpukhov near Moscow Dmitry Grachev, cut the hands of his wife Margaret, said the Agency “Moscow”.

The prosecution came to the conclusion that, making a particularly serious crime, the man was aware of the consequences of their actions. He wrote a confession, which can be considered a mitigating circumstance.

Grachev charged with threat of murder (part 1 of article 119 of the criminal code), kidnapping (the item “in” parts of 2 articles 126 of the criminal code) and intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm with weapons (items “b”, “z” parts of 2 articles 111 of the criminal code). He pleaded guilty only on the last article. The case is in the Serpukhov city court.

A jealous husband had cut off the hands of 25-year-old Margarita Gracheva in December 2017. He took her into the forest, pulled by harness hands, piece by piece cut of the brush with an axe and, when finished, took her to the hospital. Police found a severed fragment of the left hand, and she was able to sew. From the right was formed by the stump, the girl went to Germany for a prosthesis.

Grachev repeatedly complained of a spouse to the police. In a recent statement, she wrote that he took her to the woods, put a knife to her throat and forced to confess to treason. The district at first did not react to beatings and the woman received threats, and then held with a man preventive conversation. After the incident, the police fired, he opened a case of negligence (part 1 of article 293 of the criminal code).

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