Discovered on the seabed the plane was an optical illusion


Image: Google Earth

The British found a photo of the plane, supposedly submerged off the coast of Scotland. Reported by the Daily Mail.

55-year-old Robert Morton stumbled on the unusual when I looked through Google Earth. In the photo the aircraft was located in the ocean less than nine miles from the airport in Edinburgh.

The man called his discovery “an incredible and very strange”, but admitted that it’s probably an optical illusion.

“I know that the plane is not actually under water. Probably in the time of the snapshot in front of the satellite floated a cloud, creating this effect,” commented Morton.

The eyewitness also added that he heard about the crash of any aircraft departing from Edinburgh or surrounding area.

In March, Amateur photographer John Kane (John Caine), who runs a small tourist guest house in Wales (UK), photographed in the lake of tal-and-Llyn (Tal-y-llyn) extremely bright rainbow acid tones. According to Kane, he always takes the unusual natural phenomenon, which sees in the region.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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