Fifty evil seals drove the fisherman on the rock


Photo: Fabian Sommer / DPA /

In Scotland, a flock of aggressive dlinnonogih seals drove the fisherman on the cliff. According to the Associated Press, came to him to help the coast guard.

A fisherman was walking along the beach and suddenly came upon a rookery of seals. Mammals suddenly started behaving agitated and aggressive. The man had to escape them by flight, in fright, he managed to climb onto the ledge. The fisherman could not get to the top, he realized that he was stuck and called to the rescue.

Those arrived at the scene twenty minutes later, but it took another two hours to get him out. The man spent several hours clinging to a ledge. He was wearing waterproof clothing that allowed him to stay warm, and a headlamp, through which he was able to quickly detect. When the angler removed from the rocks, it was loaded onto the boat, where he had to swim about 600 kilometers to the hospital. A man was treated for frostbite and colds.

A guard Jonathan mustard (Jonathan Mustard) stated that when walking on the beach is to have a phone with a fully charged battery to call for help, and avoid the seals. Although these animals are usually peaceful, they fiercely protect their offspring if they believe that he was in danger.

Donnamarie or grey seals reach up to three meters in length and weigh up to 300 pounds. They live off the East coast of America, on the coasts of Iceland, the British Isles, Norway and the Kola Peninsula. In the Baltic sea inhabits a separate subspecies — Baltic Grey seal.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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