Found a vehicle against dangerous forms of cancer


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Scientists at the Institute of cancer research Dana-Farber (USA) has identified molecular target in cancer cells of two aggressive and almost untreatable forms of cancer. About it reported in a press release on MedicalXpress.

Synovial sarcoma is a rare type of cancer of soft tissues (synovium), which is usually diagnosed in young people. Rabdosia tumors arise in children under two years of age, affecting the brain, kidneys and other organs.

The researchers found that the development of synovial sarcoma and rabotnyh tumors is due to chromatin-the reshaping of the ncBAF complex involved in regulating the activity of several genes. It plays an important role in the packaging of the chromatin — substance of the chromosomes, consisting of DNA, RNA and proteins.

It is shown that in ncBAF are BRD9 and GLTSCR1 — unique subunits that are not found in other similar complexes. Their inhibition using special compounds violates the proliferation (division) of cancer cells and inhibits tumor development. Scientists hope that the results of the study will help to develop new treatments for synovial sarcoma and rabotnyh tumors.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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