Girl brutally avenged ismywebsite over her landlady


Frame: the movie “Duplex”

A resident of Hawaii said, as a revenge to the mistress of its leased housing for the fact that she openly mocked her. Women’s history gained popularity on Reddit, it was praised for its ingenuity and Osty mind.

According to the wearer under the name Lord_Smalldemort, about six years ago she had problems with finances, but is having trouble finding housing because of the dog. As a result, it had to agree to rent to illegal conditions at the hostess, who was aggressive and headstrong. She regularly brought the girl into conversations in which she did not want to participate, invaded her personal life and the lives of its guests, require additional payments. “She made me miserable. I had enough for the year,” says the narrator.

In addition, she is mired in litigation, which resulted in her with difficulty, but managed to knock any of her bail.

In response to bullying landlady Lord_Smalldemort prepared a plan for revenge. She used her story mistress told her before the conflict. A woman nearly four years, cheated her employer. She worked only one day, and then went to the hospital, claiming to be seriously ill after he fell from incorrectly installed on the ramp. Pretending to be confined to a wheelchair, she also received benefits from the state.

The employer suspected the woman of cheating, but could not find evidence to fire her. The renter sent her employer a video in which a woman in good health is building a new barn. In the end she was fired and forced to repay the money that she got by pretending to be sick. The whistle-blower admitted that he dreams that the woman sold the house to pay the debts, and hopes that the Payne will also come across the owner who will repair it intrigues.

Visitors to Reddit supported otomstila Lord_Smalldemort. Some admitted that the story forced them once again to ensure the existence of karma.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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