Huge dog afraid of fireworks and died


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In the UK Moscow watchdog dog from a shelter died of fright due to the loud fireworks. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

The incident occurred in the County of greater Manchester, on the night of 5 November, when is celebrated on guy Fawkes Night, also known as the night the night of the fireworks. The shelter staff knew that dogs respond badly to fireworks, so he kept them locked up in the midst of the festival. When all was quiet, the dogs were let out.

However, after a short pause, the celebration continued, firecrackers and rockets began to explode near the shelter, and the dogs were very scared. Most of them managed to return to the building, but the 80-pound Moscow watchdog named Winston (Winston) failed to run. The dog tried to hide under deck, but there was too little space for him. Winston is very nervous, because of what he had a heart attack. In the morning the shelter staff found him dead.

Winston was about eight years old. The shelter staff brought him from Bulgaria, the animal took the beating of its owners. He was diagnosed with heart disease and every day gave medications.

The owner of the orphanage Emma Billington (Emma Billington) said that Winston hated loud noises. She doesn’t understand who and where he was able to arrange fireworks as close as the shelter is “a little off the beaten path”. “We have to explain to people how dangerous fireworks for dogs. In our time, to salute there is no need. They just killed Winston. All his life the dog had suffered at the hands of the people,” said Billington.

In the shelter Billington dogs walk freely, they have no enclosures and cages. Volunteers rescued and brought in dogs from all over the world, mostly from the UK, Cyprus and Romania and Bulgaria.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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