In Russia, predicted the beginning of a nuclear war with the United States


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The moment of transition to the use of nuclear weapons in a possible conflict between the US and Russia, most likely, will be preceded by a long period (from several days to a month or more) period of warfare with conventional weapons. He writes about this in the “Military-industrial courier” Vice-President of the Russian Academy of rocket and artillery Sciences on information policy, doctor of military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov.

“A direct sign that the aggressor is ready to strike, may be the opinion of the Ambassador and the Embassy staff. Manifest other signs of preparation for war. In particular, the deployment of troops on our borders under the guise of training exercises, the establishment of strike forces of the Navy in areas where it is possible to strike at the territory of Russia”, — the expert believes.

In his opinion, “it gives [Russia] sufficient time to take preventive measures”, in particular, a pre-emptive strike with conventional weapons in regions of the home are focused on the Russian ballistic and cruise missiles (BR and CD), which can be used in missile complexes “Caliber”, X-101 and “Dagger”. The expert also offers on the basis of “Iskander-M” to develop the BR medium range with a conventional warhead.

“The complex, of course, must be mobile. According to the authors, you need to deploy 50-100 to 150-200 of these missiles depending on how many BR and CU medium range, the opponent will be placed at our borders,” — says Sivkov.

Also doctor of military science considers it necessary to develop the BR medium-range (2-2,5 thousands of kilometers) with a nuclear warhead (cluster or megaton monoblock class).

In October Sivkov, said that Russia can not compete with the US in the nuclear race quantitatively, however, able to offer an asymmetric response, involving the creation of nuclear weapons hyperkalemia (more than 100 megatons of TNT).

In September, the military expert of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland” Alex Leonov admitted that Russia is not at war with a potential enemy, her superior number of ships using traditional methods. Instead, the most likely use of modern high-precision missiles, in particular, “Caliber”, KH-35E and Kh-32.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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