Mayweather abdicated the battle with the Japanese kickboxer


Floyd, Mauserte: Issei Kato / Reuters

American boxer Floyd Mayweather said that he had not agreed to fight with the Japanese kickboxer Tensina Natsukawa. About this he wrote on his Instagram account.

“Now, being on American soil after a long and depressing stay in Tokyo, I turn to their fans and the media regarding the planned 31 Dec event. Let’s start with the fact that you need to clarify — I’m Floyd Mayweather, did not consent to the official battle with Tensina Natsukawa. More than that (with all due respect) I had never heard his name until a trip to Japan”, says Mayweather.

According to him, it was solely about performance with the athlete from the organization Rizin. The speech, according to the original agreements, were intended for a narrow circle of people and should not have been broadcast.

41-year-old boxer apologized for the misinformation and admitted that he was also shocked that it was announced at a press conference. Mayweather was upset that he was not able immediately to put an end to it.

On 5 November, the General Director of the organization Rizin Nobuki Sakakibara announced that the athlete will enter the ring against the 20-year-old Natsukawa. Irish fighter of the mixed style (MMA) fighter Conor McGregor, with whom Mayweather has already fought under Boxing rules, in turn, has expressed outrage by the decision of the American, and ridiculed him on social media.

14 Oct MMA Russian fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov has called to fight Mayweather. American interested in the proposal, noting that fights with representatives of MMA, he believes cash.

In August 2017 Mayweather won McGregor the fight by Boxing rules. After that, the American who won the 50-win 50 matches, announced his retirement.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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