Mother podzhegshih homeless child was fined 100 rubles


Photo: Alexander Lubarsky / “Kommersant”

In the town of Tchaikovsky of the Perm edge mother of a young boy, who burned a homeless man, was fined 100 rubles, said “Such cases” in the local Prosecutor’s office.

It was said that on 6 November, the Commission on Affairs of minors found the woman guilty of improper performance of parental duties. The incident is Prosecutor’s check. “They will investigate the causes and conditions that contributed to Commission of especially dangerous juvenile acts. In particular, the assessment of the legality and completeness of actions of subjects of prevention in the first place, schools,” — said the Supervisory authority.

The incident occurred on October 14. The boy was walking with his friend and noticed under the stairs at shop 38-year-old homeless man who slept on cardboard boxes. They started to burn the paper and throw it at the sleeping man. As a result, it’s clothing caught fire. The cry came running and passers-by who called firefighters, but for their arrival, people were burned alive.

According to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, both third-graders are brought up in wealthy families before the police came. Now investigators are checking their involvement in the death of a homeless man. During the interrogation, one of the students said that throwing burning paper for fun. A criminal case under article “Murder”.

In March 2017 drunk from St. Petersburg poured a flammable liquid and set fire to a homeless man under the staircase of the house. The victim survived, but suffered multiple burns. The arsonist was sentenced to five years strict regime.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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