Russian doctors accused of amputating a healthy foot


Photo: Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti

In Voronezh relatives of 89-year-old woman developed gangrene, accused the doctors of city clinical hospital No. 3 in the amputation of the patient’s healthy foot, writes “Notepad Voronezh”.

Immediately after surgery, 4 November, the woman’s son saw that the surgeons were left untouched blackened right foot of the mother, and the left leg removed mid-thigh.

“We with the relatives of the convicted doctors in the substitute sheets of history… have Also changed the record of the initial examination, where he wrote that the mother’s both feet are black, told the publication the man. But we got a photo taken the day before that, where you can see one leg black and the other bright. Know the difference”.

In fact the incident is conducted investigation verification, reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Voronezh”.

“The health Department demanded to have all the necessary information, — told the newspaper, the head physician of hospital Sergey Shamsutdinov. — However, I can say the following: the patient was struck in both legs. Visually, really, one less. And it was amputated. But she wasn’t exactly healthy.”

Why amputated the left foot, not right where the disease was visually pronounced, the doctor could not explain and added that he expects the explanations of the surgeon.

“Woman, do the operation, was clearly decided not one. On duty November 4, four specialists and I am sure that the surgeon be consulted,” added Shamsutdinov. He also rejected the suggestion that the reason for a possible malpractice could become drunk on a holiday.

Injured Maria Dmitrievna has an official status of a concentration camp prisoner. Prior to retirement she worked as a school teacher and received the title of honored worker of education of the Russian Federation.

A woman is in the intensive care unit, where it is prepared to amputate the second leg.

According to the newspaper, earlier another patient of the same hospital, appealed to the Investigative Committee after the doctors operated on him left him in the abdomen a large gauze pad.

Shamsutdinov told journalists that in proceedings to establish the perpetrator of the incident have not yet succeeded, as none of the staff did not confess. The doctor suggested that the tissue could leave and the other employees of the Voronezh hospital where the patient is admitted later.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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