Standing in line at the elections, Americans decided to help pizzas


Photo: Elizabeth Frantz / Reuters

In the United States collect donations for pizza for voters Queuing at polling stations. It is reported by Quartz.

According to the publication, a non-partisan non-profit platform to collect donations Pizza to the polls (eng. Pizza for voting) runs in 2016. “We sent pizza to the polling stations with long queues. Email us and we’ll send you a pizza,” reads the Twitter account of the project.

On the platform you can make a donation, report queues, and track shipping orders online. According to the website of the platform at the time of writing the news of voting Americans since the beginning of the year donated about 358 thousand dollars (approximately 23.6 million rubles) and sent more than 8.4 thousand pizzas.

According to the founder of project Noah Mandurah (Noah Manger), the accuracy of the information about long queue is always checked. He also noted that pizza can be ordered any standing in the queue or running in the elections.

November 6 in the United States held midterm elections. A fully elected lower house of Congress and 35 senators, governors of 39 States and territories. In some States, there are other local elections.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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