The audience was angered by the deception of the organizers of the famous reality show


Frame: Big Brother / YouTube

Participant reality show “Big brother,” Zoe Jones (Zoe Jones) admitted that being on the project every day on the phone with his son. The audience of the project went into an uproar, as the organizers of the show announced the complete isolation of the participants from the outside world, writes The Sun.

Jones said that the producers made her the exception to the rule in conversation with presenter Emma Willis. Leading asked how she suffered 50-day separation from his son. It Jones said that all the time he called. For other participants, contact with the outside world were supposedly banned.

Fans of the show were outraged. “What the hell?” — they wrote in social networks. Some of them pointed out the hypocrisy of the organizers of the show, remembering what a drama in the course of the project they did that Jones and another participant, Hamshaw sian (Sian Hamshaw), can’t see his children.

Jones reached the finals but didn’t win. Victory in the final of the latest season of “Big brother” won 19-year-old video blogger Cameron Cole (Cameron Cole).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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