The author of the rhymes about the judges demanded a million rubles for suspicion of extremism


Natalia Kovalev Photo: Natalia Kovaleva in “Vkontakte”

The inhabitant of Saratov Natalia Kovaleva, which was suspected of extremism because of the rhymes and songs about the judges, demanded a million rubles compensation for illegal criminal prosecution, according to RIA Novosti.

In the lawsuit the woman said that because of the criminal case it was caused moral, material and property damage. “Being in Moscow during the search, I felt a sense of helplessness and suffering from the experiences of my relatives, which was under pressure, and they could not understand what is happening and what kind of extremism it is”, wrote Kovalev.

She noted that because of the case she had to quit work and move back from Moscow to Saratov, the result of not having any money and income.

The factory district court of Saratov has accepted the claim on November 6.

In April 2018 Natalia Kovaleva posted on YouTube a few videos with ditties about judicial chaos. She wrote them after he became a victim of fraud, lost 400 thousand rubles, and lost the court case against the Bank. In his poems Kovalev accused the judge of Frunzenski district court of Saratov Irina Shustov of corruption and violation of the law. She demanded to punish the offender. Was filed about inciting hatred towards a social group “judicial community” (part 1 of article 282 of the criminal code). In October it was stopped, but the woman was the defendant in a new case – libel against a judge (part 1 of article 298.1 of the criminal code) and on contempt of court (part 2 of article 297 of the criminal code). Kovalev told RIA Novosti that a new business it is not questioned and did not provide any documents on him.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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