The founder of brothels died and won the election


Photo: Sue Ogrocki / AP

The deceased owner of brothels in Nevada won the local elections in the state legislature. Reported by the New York Post.

Republican Dennis Hof defeated by the opponent from the Democrats Lesia Novels, scoring 68.3% of the votes. Voters cast Hofu preference despite the fact that he died 16 Oct. It is noted that after the death of Hof his name removed from the ballot only in the election precincts put up posters about his death.

“I’m in shock. Such a turn I did not expect, — has told Romanov. My thoughts are with his loved ones. All I can say is “wow””.

Under state law, in the legislative Assembly will remain vacant. Who will take the vacant post will be decided by the Commissioner of the state.

The body of 72-year-old candidate found in one of his brothels after a campaign rally on October 16. According to the New York Post, traces of violent death were found.

According to Nevada law, prostitution is a legal activity.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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