The Germans filled with prejudice


Photo: Michaela Rehle / Reuters

The poll showed that in Germany there is a growing level of xenophobia. Many Germans are dissatisfied with the amount of immigrants and not welcome Muslims and Gypsies. This was reported by the TV channel Deutsche Welle.

More than a third of Germans believe that foreigners come to Germany only for the sake of social benefits. About the same number of German citizens are of the opinion that because of the influx of migrants country “is exposed to foreign influence to a dangerous extent”. In the East, in the territories of the former GDR, these terms supports nearly half the population — about 45 percent.

Most often hostile to foreigners views met the followers of right-wing party “Alternative for Germany” — 55 percent of her supporters said about the negative attitude towards migrants. However, among the electorate of more traditional parties like the Christian democratic Union or the Social democratic party of Germany, also have similar views hold them about every fifth voter.

Researchers from Leipzig University are conducting such research with 2012. In their opinion, xenophobic and anti-immigrant sentiment do not appear because of a real threat from ethnic minorities, and due to the fact that at a certain stage of development the German government cut social benefits. The population for this began to accumulate aggression, innocent victims of which were the Gypsies and Muslims

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