“The Russian SpaceX” covered the Russian bureaucracy


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Space S7 (S7 Space transportation systems and Space transport systems), trying to revive the floating cosmodrome “Sea launch”, faced with the bureaucracy and lack of interest in the partnership of state-owned enterprises, which led to the increase in the cost of launch services company. This was reported TASS the General Director of S7 Space Sergey Sopov.

According to him, “Roskosmos” has ignored the company’s offer to order the state Corporation 50 rockets “Soyuz-5” with an option for another 35 such media. “Order firm, with an advance of 10 per cent. But from the “Roscosmos” over the past year and has not followed reactions, as if they about such an offer and not heard. It could be called a joke, but that is the reality. We were ready, the words translate into a firm contract”, — said the head of the company.

The Director General noted that the conversation was about the sum of 2.5 billion dollars that would go towards investments in the project “Soyuz-5”.

Sopov said about the choice of engine for the new S7 Space rocket “Soyuz-7” with a reusable first stage. “Samara (included in ODK enterprise “Kuznetsov” — approx. “Of the tape.ru”) is not ready to give us the NK-33 engine and the documentation for the independent production and instead offered to Fund the restoration of series production in Samara and then to buy these engines,” — said the CEO. In his words, “the fate of this engine is amazing — it destroys are the creators of the” who “question not interested”. Is the upgraded NK-33, which was to receive the first stage of the “Soyuz-7”, the rocket will be equipped with a reusable engine based on RD-171 from “Energomash”.

SOPs also noted delays in the supply of components for the rocket “Zenit-3SL”, caused by the slowness of the Russian authorities. “The production contract was signed last year, the matter has been agreed with all partner countries of the project, and from the Russian side the question is only-only enters the homestretch,” explained the head of the S7 Space.

According to him, the company received the “decision of the Commission for export control” and is awaiting “execution of the order of the government”, the text of which is aligned with the “Roscosmos”. “This is a compromise between what we wanted and what we give. In the end, bureaucratic requirements would increase the cost of each missile is approximately two million dollars,” said Sopov.

Currently, the Space S7 is the only Russian private company engaged in space launch services. The company has two sites — Sea launch (long beach, CA, USA) and Land launch (Baikonur, Kazakhstan), designed, respectively, to launch the Russian-Ukrainian rocket “Zenit-3SL and Zenit-3SL”. In the future, these venues are planning to launch vehicles “Soyuz-7”, S7-generated Space on the basis of “Roscosmos” the rocket “Soyuz-5”.

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