The woman told about the strange habit to take a bath and became a laughing stock



A woman named MumGoneCrazy impressed the users forum Mumsnet my habit of eating desserts while taking bath.

“The husband thinks this is strange, but I really enjoy eating layer cake, when you lie in a hot bath with foam,” wrote MumGoneCrazy.

Many visitors to the forum were horrified after learning about the unusual habit of women. They stated that they never thought about food in this context.

“Um, crumbs in the foam. No, thanks!” — wrote one of the users of the network. “Nooo, yuck. A glass or mug of something, you can, but food? Fu”, — shared his thoughts another commenter.

There were those who supported the woman. Some visitors Mumsnet said that they liked the idea and someday they will try to eat dessert while taking a bath.

Previously, he disgraced his mother, who joke caught on camera, as her child drinking wine from the bottle. When the video gained viral popularity, women began to receive death threats, though actually in the bottle was not alcohol.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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