Vysmeivaetsya brother Prince Harry suddenly went bald


Photo: Globallookpress.com

Dr. Azim Somalak (Asim Shahmalak) from the Manchester clinic Crown Clinic drew attention to the rapid baldness of Prince Harry. His observations he shared with the publication The Sun.

Specialist noticed that just a year ago on top of the Duke of Sussex formed a small bald spot, but now it has doubled and “crawled” on the back of the head. “If he doesn’t take action, for 40 years waiting for his early baldness, like my brother,” worries Somalak.

According to the newspaper, Prince Harry has always loved teasing his brother Prince William because of the baldness. “I think he’s definitely smarter than me. We found out at school when he went bald,” — taunted Prince Harry.

The only way for the Prince, according to the doctor will be hair transplantation.

In July, the British writer Jilly Cooper has criticized the Duchess of Sussex Megan for her imposing husband, Prince Harry of his diet. “Harry is handsome, attractive man. It is not necessary to get men to lose weight. I think it’s awful. And anyway, I don’t like to change people, and you?” said 81-year-old Cooper.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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