Black leading was coated with a hot chocolate and put it on the air


Photo: @thelondonhughes

A black TV presenter London Hughes (London Hughes) from the UK spoke about the racism he faced while working on the channel “bi-Bi-si”. The journalist recalled the incident that happened with her in 2012, reports The Metro.

“When I led the transfer of “bi-Bi-si”, one of visagistes smeared my face with hot chocolate because she had no makeup for black people”, — said the presenter.

According to Hughes, an employee of the channel did not know in advance the color of the skin, so I panicked. The beautician didn’t tell them you put on hot chocolate, but later, the TV presenter was seen packing in her purse.

“I decided to check with your producer that she struck me on the face. The beautician admitted that it was hot chocolate,” recalled Hughes.

Informed viewers angered by a journalist who allowed himself to racist remarks about Asians live. Australian TV presenter of the program Outsiders Ross Cameron said that the Shanghai Disneyland you can see the “20 thousand black-haired, cross-eyed, Chinese yellows”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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