Buyers ganged up on the brand because of the folly of labels on clothing


Frame: Diesel / YouTube

Italian brand Diesel has released a jacket with the word faggot (faggot). This reports the Metro.

The rear part of the black bomber brand are fully covered with white graffiti with offensive expressions. Thing became part of the collection of Ha(u)te Couture, which also included hoodies and t-shirts slut (“whore”), imposter (“imposter”), and others.

“The more hatred you bear, the less you care,” reads the product description on the website Diesel. The idea of the collection is that, being written on clothing, of derogatory words lose their power to hurt.

Buyers in their own way embraced the new campaign and called it “homophobic”.

“It’s disgusting. What offensive word is now in fashion? We cannot allow homophobia,” wrote some on Twitter.

“Please tell me this is a joke. I understand the meaning that you put into it, but as a gay man and regular customer of Diesel I am outraged,” added the other.

“How much takes a fashion brand, if he thinks he can change the value of the insults, which still apply to the community of LGBT+ without his permission,” said the third.

The new bomber is sold on the website priced at over $ 450.

Earlier in November, the luxury brand is manufacturer of clothes in sporty style Supreme released a collection of t-shirts with portraits of women, who accused the President of the United States Donald trump sexual harassment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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