Chinese violators will be hunted down by gait


Photo: Jason Lee / Reuters

Chinese police begin to identify people by their gait. The technology developed by Watrix, the Associated Press reports.

Shanghai and Beijing were the first cities in which we launched a new technology. Artificial intelligence programs are able to know a person at a distance of 50 meters, including the back.

“We can’t even cooperate with people to recognize them. Gait analysis is not fool limping or stepping wider, because we analyzed all the specific features of the body,” said CEO Juan Unjani.

The system reads the silhouette of a man and creates a model of his gait. However, the development of Watrix not able to identify persons in real time, videos need to load the program manually. Analysis hour movie in 10 minutes.

According to UNGEGN, the technology works with an accuracy of 94 percent. For best results, it can be distributed with the face recognition system.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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