Former NATO Secretary General advised Belarus to learn democracy in Ukraine


Anders Fogh, Rasmussenpoll: Wiktor Dabkowski /

Former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen advised the people of Belarus to focus on Ukraine and Georgia in reforming their country. He stated this in an interview to “Polish radio”.

“Of course, Belarus is not a democratic state. I think that the Belarusians should make a decision about his future. As in the case of Georgia or Ukraine, it is quite possible growth of opposition forces that could oppose the authorities in Minsk, and this is the only way forward,” said Rasmussen.

Rasmussen also warned about alleged Russian President Vladimir Putin’s intentions to integrate Belarus with Russia. “Yes, it is a threat. There is no doubt that Putin will put pressure on Belarus. We have already seen how Russia is pushing local authorities to place the base and to ensure the presence of Russian forces in Belarus on a permanent basis”, — declared ex-the Secretary General of the Alliance.

According to him, the EU and NATO have the interest to take Belarus into its ranks, however, it is first necessary to reform the country. Rasmussen noted that in future the country could play a major role in the relations between Russia and the EU because of its favorable geographical position.

The issue of deployment of Russian military base in Belarus, raised Lukashenko at a meeting with us analysts on 6 November. He said that his country can defend herself and needs no help from Russia. Subsequently, Russia’s Ambassador in Minsk Mikhail Babich confirmed that in the current situation Belarus is able to defend themselves. He added that if the situation changes, the two leaders will be able to find new solutions.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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