FSB humiliated businessman and took over the investigation of his case


Photo: Igor Salikov page in “Vkontakte”

An investigation into the Petersburg businessman Igor Salikov attracted FSB Kirsanova, who, according to the victim, used to torture him during detention. On 7 November it became known edition of “Paper”.

The businessman was twice asked to suspend intelligence officer from the investigation of his case, but was refused. “The decision to participate in Kirsanova quickly-search actions the user takes are not of the investigations division [of the district]”, — stated in the documents.

At the end of August a criminal case was initiated on abuse of power with violence and special equipment resulting in serious consequences according to the statement salikova. He claimed that the FSB threw it on the floor and stuck in the anal hole the barrel of the hunting carbine “Tiger”. After the incident salikova was hospitalized, he was diagnosed with a rupture of the rectum, laceration of anal canal and a bruised bladder.

Salikov is accused of sexual violence. According to investigators, he out of revenge forced to perform oral sex lover’s ex-wife. The businessman denies wrongdoing and believes that the search was conducted on the initiative of his former wife who is trying to sue his apartment, and her new husband.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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