Had dinner with crab bandit-“Tsapok” began to fight for the right of prisoners in the deli


Vyacheslav Zerowaste: Valery Matytsin / TASS

A member of a gang “tsapkov” Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz, in the colony No. 3 in the Amur region, addressed the media with a statement about the photos of him in the colony eats crabs, caviar and fry kebabs. Excerpts from the circulation, passed through lawyers, publishes RBC.

“It turns out that acidemia society denies sitting half in the right to eat normally, eat delicacies, writes the prisoner. — Maybe there was some reason, prisoners and joint efforts have made a holiday”.

Tsepovyaz connects the publication of scandalous photos with the divorce process and division of property with his ex-wife Natalia Trishna. These factors, according to the convict, provoked her “to demonize” him and put pressure on the court.

“If we develop the theme of perceptions of these photos, (…) we are talking about their fabrication. (…) These pictures were published back in the summer of 2018, (…) test was conducted, which revealed no violations,” — said in a statement.

The Prosecutor General’s office reported that Tsepovyaz was kept in a prison in the Amur region in the facilitated conditions of the sentence.

In late October, appeared in the media photos that Tsepovyaz lunch in a colony of crabs, red caviar and kebabs. FSIN, acknowledged that the photos are genuine, but made in 2015. After publication, the Department conducted an official investigation, during which revealed violations of the internal regulations and dismissed several employees.

Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz — one of the accomplices of gang leader Sergei Hoe, which operated in the village Kushchevskaya Krasnodar region in 1990-2000-ies. In the autumn of 2010 members of a gang by order of the leader attacked a family of farmer ametova and killed 12 people, including four children. In 2013, Tsepovyaz was sentenced to 20 years in prison, later he reduced the term to 19 years and 10 months.

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