Hunter alone killed longest Python Florida


Photo: South Florida Water Management District

In the Miami-Dade County the us state of Florida killed dark tiger Python record size. About it reported in a press release the program of extermination of the pythons for the management of water resources of South Florida.

The length of the reptile was up to 5.3 meters, and weight was 54 kilograms. Such a large snake in South Florida produced for the first time. For all time of existence of the extermination program Python hunters caught only three specimens are longer than 17 feet (5,18 m).

Huge Python managed to kill Kyle Penniston (Kyle Penniston) from the city of HOMESTEAD. The press release notes that he coped with it alone. It is already 235 of the serpent on account of the hunter. More destroyed only Brian Hargrove (Hargrove Brian) of Miami, registered 257 dead reptiles.

Dark tiger pythons live in Southeast Asia. Length typical dark tiger Python is 3.7 meters, however, there are instances of up to a length of 5.74 meters.

Representatives of this species came to Florida 30 years ago. They have bred in the region of the Everglades, which occupies the southern quarter of the Peninsula, began to destroy the local fauna. Of attacks on humans has not yet been reported. The state government has repeatedly staged competitions for hunters, designed to reduce the population of invasive species. This year the programme of extermination of the pythons managed to kill 1859 individuals.

In April it was reported that the dark tiger pythons moved in the direction of the densely populated areas of Florida and are increasingly found outside of the Everglades.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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