In Colorado banned slavery


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The inhabitants of the American state of Colorado voted for the complete abolition of slavery. It is reported by CNN.

During the midterm elections in the country on 6 November, residents of the state voted for a change in the Constitution of the region. According to the 13th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, approved in 1865, slavery and forced labour is prohibited, except when they are a punishment for a crime. When amendment “A” will come into effect in Colorado, any form of slavery will be completely prohibited.

It is noted that the same words are entrenched in the constitutions of 16 States.

According to CNN, while the processed results of four-fifths of polling stations. According to preliminary data, 65 percent of voters voted for the amendment of the Constitution of the state. According to the spokesman of the government of Colorado Lynn Bartels, there is no doubt that the amendment will be adopted.

An attempt to amend the text of the document was undertaken in 2016. Then the wording was “too vague”, and voters do not understand, whether they vote for or against slavery, the channel reports.

According to the results of the midterm elections on 6 November, the Governor of Colorado for the first time the country elected an open homosexual. They formerly mayor of Denver John Hickenlooper.

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