In Indonesia a passenger plane crashed into a pole


Photo: UGC / AP

In the Indonesian province of Bengkulu passenger plane crashed into a lamppost at the airport. It is reported by The Jakarta Post.

Boeing 737-900 ER was supposed to fly from the international airport of Soekarno-Hatta near Jakarta. However, the flight had to be cancelled due to the fact that the wing of the liner touched the pole. Pilots and crew were removed from the flight for investigation. Affected by the accident there.

The cause of the incident allegedly began to wrong instructions of the Manager. Employees of dispatching service of the airport also interviewed to clarify details of the incident.

It is noted that the plane belonged to the airline Lion Air whose Boeing 737 Max 8 at the end of October crashed in the sea near the West coast of the island of Java.

The crew before the crash, has requested to return to airport of departure. On Board were 189: 181 passengers, including employees of the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia, the two pilots and six crew members. No one survived. As noted by The Jakarta Post, has already identified 44 victims.

The victim of the accident the aircraft was operated from August and were fit for flight. Two pilots of the airliner flew a total of 11 thousand hours. According to Lion Air during the previous flight crashed liner there was a technical problem, but its fixed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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