Iran has learned to circumvent U.S. sanctions


Photo: Michal Fludra / ZumaPress /

U.S. authorities have suspected Iran of violating international shipping regulations with the purpose of circumventing the sanctions imposed on the Republic of Washington. This was during the briefing said the representative of the White house on Iran Brian hook. Recording of his speech posted on Twitter the state Department.

According to hook, the Iranian tankers carrying oil, began to turn off the transponders, making it impossible to calculate their location and route of movement.

This makes them invisible to teams of other vessels nearby that is fraught with collisions and serious consequences for the environment in the event of a spill. Disabling the transponder is contrary to international navigation rules.

November 5, the United States imposed a new package of sanctions against Iran. It includes a lock of the reserves of Tehran, a ban on the use of Iranian ports, and Iranian oil exports. Earlier media wrote that the help in energy exports, Iran could provide Russia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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