Japanese recluse for a few weeks lived in the same apartment with his mother’s corpse


Photo: Koji Ueda / AP

The Japanese a few weeks lived with body of dead mother because I didn’t know what to do with it. About it reports information portal Sora News 24.

The incident occurred in the city of Yokohama, capital of Kanagawa Prefecture. Police arrested 49-year-old unemployed man and accused him that he did not care about the deceased in a proper way. They found out that 76-year-old woman died around the middle of October, in the kitchen of his apartment. Her body already beginning to decompose, when the son of shut-ins moved him to the bedroom.

The woman’s body was found by her 45-year-old daughter November 4, when he came to visit mother. She went to the police, the next day her brother was arrested. Police described him as “completely incapable of talking with people a person.” The man refused to communicate out loud and wrote a note: “I had nothing to do after the death of his mother, so I decided to wait, when once again coming sister.”

On the woman’s body found no signs of violence, police believed that the cause of death was illness or old age. The guards do not say, will suffer if the man is punished for something that is not reported on the death of his mother (it is considered a crime in Japan). However, given his psychological state, the Japanese have a chance to avoid it.

Hikikomori — the Japanese, refusing from social life, often not leaving the house without work and living off relatives. In 2010, the Japanese government reported 700 thousand hikikomori, the authorities are trying to combat and trying to socialize hermits.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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