The doctors explained to Russian amputation of both legs instead of one


Photo: Alexander Polehenko / RIA Novosti

The administration of the Voronezh hospital No. 3 explained the amputation of both legs 89-year-old former concentration camp prisoner, calling it necessary because of the threat of life. About it RIA Novosti was informed in the regional Department of health with reference to the chief physician of the hospital Sergey Shamsutdinova.

According to Shamsutdinova, the patient was admitted to the hospital with irreversible lesions of the lower extremities and complained of severe pain. An urgent amputation of the left leg was taken at the doctors.

“To the layman it may seem that the left leg is severely affected, however, was obviously is a dangerous condition threatening life. The patient had all necessary in the current situation, help. At the time of admission to the hospital she needed to remove both legs,” said the doctor.

He added that due to old age women surgery decided to spend in stages, and after a couple of days after the removal of one leg amputated a second.

Previously, the investigators launched an investigation after the treatment of the resident of Voronezh, who reported that physicians with gangrene of the affected leg was removed to his aged mother and healthy. The man claimed that there were no medical indications for it was not, and the doctors switched out the sheets of history.

A criminal case under article “Causing of heavy harm to health on imprudence owing to inadequate execution by the person of the professional duties”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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