The journalist tried voluminous ass and told of the endured horror


Hayley Richardsonthe: @RichoJourno

The journalist of the British newspaper the Sun Haley Richardson (Hayley Richardson) tried the pads on the buttocks, the size is similar to the forms of Kim Kardashian and examined the reaction of passers-by. Your experience she described in a column on the newspaper’s website.

“I have a modest size, and I was wondering if I would be able to cope with large round buttocks like Kim. For this I used a primitive outfit with a fake-ass courtesy of Amazon,” — said the journalist.

According to Richardson, the hardest part in this ordeal was to find the right clothes. She constantly had to pull up the pants that had slipped to his hips. Moreover, the huge size prevented the journalist even in the dining room. She had to ask a colleague to move so she could squeeze in behind his Desk.

Richardson thought it would be awarded a few strange looks and sarcastic comments, but the situation got out of control.

“Out on the street, I felt that was the object of a joke every passing inhabitant of London,” said the journalist. The children were shown on Richardson’s face and laughed, and the women are fiercely watched her go. One girl even got her fake ass. Moreover, the ass of the journalist discussed even retirees.

“In the end, I was relieved when she managed to undress and sit on a chair without checking to determine if I can fit,” concluded Richardson.

In October, the Argentine journalist Nati Jota (Jota Nati) said that dared to plastic surgery because of annoying fans. The girl reduced the Breasts to the audience saw her reports carefully.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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