The main condition of long life


Photo: Sergey Maligawa / RIA Novosti

Experts biotech company Calico Life Sciences and genealogy company Ancestry found that genes, to a lesser extent longer life expectancy than previously thought. The main factors of longevity are the influence of environment and lifestyle. About it reported in a press release on MedicalXpress.

According to previous estimates, the longevity of 15-30 percent is determined by the genetic differences and other factors are lifestyle, the influence of society, illness and accidents. In the new work, scientists examined the pedigrees of more than 400 million people. The researchers took into account only the lifetime of every individual, his birthplace and family connections.

The researchers conducted a statistical analysis of longevity factors have relatives who were born in XIX and early XX century, and estimated the heritability of life expectancy have brothers and cousins and sisters. It turned out that the correlation between spouses was higher than that between blood brothers and sisters, indicating that the main role is played by environmental factors. Such factors can be the same environment or a positive assortatively when people choose the leading similar way of life partners. Based on the results the researchers came to the conclusion that the heritability is determined by genes, only seven percent.

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