The photographer crawled under the skirt of an unsuspecting model and was cursed


Photo: @marthahunt

Photographer Christopher Peterson (Christopher Peterson) complained to Instagram that he was forbidden to publish them extracted pictures of the model Martha hunt. It is reported by The New York Post.

The photo was taken during a traditional show Victoria’s Secret. The girl was heading to the car when the wind lifted her dress and bared her buttocks. This moment hit the shot of the photographer.

The next day, Peterson has published in Instagram post, which criticized the “hypocrisy” of models. In his opinion, a woman who demonstrates the wide audience his body in linen, should not oppose the publication of their Nude pictures taken by the reporter. The publication he was accompanied by a cropped photo in which the naked parts of the hunt is not visible.

“Martha hunt was a situation in the style of Marilyn Monroe after trying on the outfit for Victoria’s Secret. Her Agency threatened to sue me in court if I provide the pictures, because this “invasion of privacy” that “harm her reputation””, — he wrote. According to the photographer, it is “ridiculous” because girl underwear can be found even in Google search.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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