A Burger from McDonald’s found a human tooth


Photo: Oliver Berg / DPA / Globallookpress.com

Fragments of human tooth found in sandwich of McDonald’s, sold in the Japanese city of Kanazawa (Ishikawa Prefecture). It is reported AsiaOne.

In August a visitor to one of the restaurants “McDonald’s” in Kanazawa, noticed a strange admixture in which he “McMuffin” with pork chop and egg. He did not eat it and gave it to check.

In urban public health center examined the sandwich and found in it three alien object in length from four to eight millimeters. The experts came to the conclusion that the fragments of human tooth.

The Japanese branch of McDonald’s organized a test at the factory in Aichi Prefecture, where they bake buns for the “McMuffin” and the American company that supplies pork chops. To establish the origin of fragments of the tooth and failed.

In October it was reported that the American Valdosta, Georgia, found hundreds immured in the wall of human teeth. Local historians believe that they hid the dentists who worked there at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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