Australian surgeons have successfully separated conjoined twins


Photo: RCH Melbourne Creative Studio

In the Australian city of Melbourne, state of Victoria, surgeons successfully separated 15-month-old conjoined twins from Bhutan. This publication reports The Guardian.

Girls of NIMA (Nima) and Dawa (Dawa) were born fused at the abdomen and lower thorax. In addition, they had one liver for two.

In Bhutan were not experts qualified to separate Siamese twins, so help had to look abroad. The government of the Australian state of Victoria agreed to pay for the surgery and treatment, which will cost not less than 350 thousand Australian dollars (about 17 million). Reimbursement for air travel and accommodation took on a charity Children First Foundation.

NIMA and Dawa, their mother and Bhutanese pediatrician who monitored the health of nurses, arrived in Melbourne in October. After inspecting Australian doctors decided to postpone surgery in November, so the girls had time to gain weight.

The operation, which was attended by about 25 health workers under the guidance of a pediatric surgeon Joe Crameri (Joe Crameri), lasted almost six hours. “We are quite confident in a favorable outcome, however, as in all postoperative cases, will closely observe their condition in the coming hours,” said Crameri after the separation of the twins.

In July it was reported that the inhabitants of the Philippine city of Iligan raised money for the removal of the twin-parasite 14-year-old Veronica, Cominges. The girl was born with two extra limbs and elongated growth on the abdomen and chest, which oozed blood and fluid with an unpleasant odor.

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