Drunk transgender beat a man in the subway


Photo: London police

Three women, born men, beat up a man at a subway station in London. This was reported by the tabloid The Daily Mail.

The incident occurred in the third hour of the night at the station Leicester square. In the result, the man was in hospital with cuts and bruises, and the attackers faces a court.

Tile-Joe Brian (Tylah-Jo Bryan), Amari Lewis-Daniel (Amarnih Lewis-Daniel) and Michael O Doherty (Michael O’doherty), not yet replaced passport, but to match a woman’s name Tamsin lash (Tamzin Lush), a man is attacked after a “minor provocation” on his part. Clarifies that they were in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

Transgender people helped their friend, 22-year-old Hannah Bryan (Hannah Bryan). Brian, a mother of four children, entered the fray later than others, but together with all pleaded guilty after his arrest. All four were accused of violating public order involving violence. The exact date of the meeting for their cause is still unknown.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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