In the capital of Turkmenistan lined up for bread


Photo: Alexander Koryakov / Kommersant

In the capital of Turkmenistan — Ashgabat in the last week, there is a shortage of bread in state stores and the increase in its private outlets. About it reports the edition “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”.

“In recent days, the bread began to bring not on the schedule, so people a long time, often in the rain, to wait the arrival of the car of bread. People are hiding from the weather under canopies or awnings above the entrances. Seeing glebovs, people literally run to him and not allowing them to unload the bread, buy it from the machines”, — reports the edition.

While the sellers released only one cake per person, so large families are forced to come in groups and defend the queue a few times. Some bakeries do not work.

Save the situation private shops, but the price of bread there are two to six times higher than in the state.

About the problems with the food supply in Turkmenistan was reported in October. Then the difficulty of buying corn and flour was observed in the Mary velayat (region) and also in the cities bayramaly, Joleen, Turkmengala and Murghab. Shortages of food supplies provoked the outflow of population from these regions.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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