In the Moscow metro has launched a train of the Universiade—2019


Photo: Sergey Fierce

Train, dedicated to the XXIX world winter Universiade, which was in March of 2019 will be held in Krasnoyarsk, launched in the Moscow metro, the correspondent of “”.

The train will run on the ring branch Friday, November 9.

“A few months separate us from the start of the winter Universiade, which for the first time in history will be held in Russia, — said Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets at the inauguration ceremony in the depot “Krasnaya Presnya”. And this is the train — a kind of calling card of the Universiade. Collected here are unusual facts about sports, about life in the North in our country. This train doesn’t leave anyone indifferent”.

Photo: Sergey Fierce 1/8

The project was organized by the “Norilsk Nickel” — the General partner of the games. The company held a competition for the unique design for the train and assumed the expenses on its registration.

“Our company pays great attention to sports development in many ways. We are the owners of the club CSKA, partners of the Russian hockey team, and supported many other projects aimed at promoting an active lifestyle, but the Universiade occupies a special position, — said the state Secretary — Vice-President of Norilsk Nickel Vladislav Gasumyanov. — After this event, which in its idea and the level of organization meets the Olympics in Sochi and the football world Cup”.

“Universiade” was the train of the project “Rusich”. According to the head of the Metropolitan Victor Kozlovsky, it will pass about 20 thousand passengers. The subway ran several dozen special trains, but for the first time designers were made by ordinary students.

“Our freshmen have found out about the contest and came up with the concept of white makeup like shards of ice, told to “” the Director of the Institute of design RSU named after Kosygin. — Liked the idea of the organizers. Children were divided into three teams. Some painted ornaments, other animals and tied them with different types of winter sports. The third team drew architecture to introduce passenger trains from Krasnoyarsk”.

In addition to metros with the Universiade symbol — U-Laika — already branded a three aircraft company Nordstar.

“It’s very popular with the passengers, especially children. In addition, during each flight to Krasnoyarsk the crew tells passengers about upcoming games, announces that the plane is flying into the city of the Universiade,” — said Vladislav Gasumyanov.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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