Rare disease forced the student to go to school in pajamas


Photo: Darren Staples / Reuters

In the UK nine-year-old girl has to go to school in pajamas-kigurumi because of the Allergy to form. This publication reports The Mirror.

Lily Mason (Lily Mason) from the village of Cavort the County of Nottingham, suffers from a rare disease syndrome activation of fat cells, which the immune system becomes hypersensitive and overly responsive to a variety of stimuli.

Last October, the nine year old Lily started Allergy on school uniforms — around the girl’s body appeared painful rash. Her mother, joy, decided to send the child to school in pajamas soft’s Panda — the only clothes in which the baby’s skin is not irritated. In addition to the pain from the rash, Lily could go into anaphylactic shock, so her choice was not.

“Some types of tissue to cause her irritation, but her condition is changing so rapidly that to keep track of all the allergens is impossible. One day, everything will be fine, but not in another,” explained the girl’s mother. During acute symptoms the child has to wear only pajamas, sit on special pillows and take painkillers. Lily can only eat nine foods without the risk of allergies.

The girl was diagnosed with the disease last year after many years after unsuccessful trips to doctors. Diagnostic criteria for the syndrome, activation of fat cells developed only in 2010, so many therapists, according to joy, not even heard about the disease.

“We found that Lily can develop allergies to anything. It happens to anaphylaxis, rash, epistaxis and fatigue, it almost never feels good,” added Joey.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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