Reveals the mysterious origins of civilization America


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An international group of scientists has determined the origin of the oldest mummy in North America, which was thought to apply to paleoamericans, which existed even before the appearance of the major groups of indigenous peoples. It turned out that the remains are actually genetically close to the settlers, gave rise to many of the populations of the two American continents. Article scientists published in the journal Science.

Experts analyzed the DNA isolated from several human remains including a mummy from the Cave of the spirits (eng. Spirit Cave), which is the oldest human mummy ever found in North America. Her age is about 11 thousand years. In addition, we studied the genomes recovered from bones and skeletons found in the Lovelock cave (Nevada, USA), Lagoa Santa (Brazil), Patagonia (Chile) and Alaska.

Only the researchers determined the nucleotide sequence of the 15 genomes that belonged to the ancient Americans who lived on the territory stretching from Alaska to Patagonia, a few thousand years ago. This allowed the scientists to track the migration of the people who roamed North and South America during the last glacial epoch, and prove that the various indigenous peoples, including the ancient, descended from the same immigrants.

The results indicate that about 14-17 thousand years ago to the South of Alaska was divided the original population into two branches, which correspond to the native Americans of North and South America. One of the branches was moving quickly to the South, separating into many groups, which then would exchange their genetic material.

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