Russia again proposed to change the rules of inspection


Photo: Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti

Russia is developing a new system of monitoring the condition of vehicles, which would tie the inspection to the miles and accidents. This was stated by the representative of the company “Electronic passport” Boris Ionov, reports the newspaper “Kommersant”.

According to him, currently, a service is created, which will create a “personal program” of inspection for the machine on the basis of its characteristics, operating characteristics, data on accidents, insurance claims, mileage, maintenance and surveys campaigns. Based on the analysis formed either “good” story (the inspection can take place less frequently and it is cheaper), or “bad” (more frequent and thorough, and therefore more expensive).

Ion stressed that “it is first necessary to create conditions in the system needs sprts designed to accumulate some history of cars, it may take a few years.”

In August 2017, it became known that the Ministry is developing amendments to the law on inspection, providing for the compulsory photo and video recording the procedure. The need for changes in the Ministry attributed to the fact that the country has spread the practice of buying cards without a diagnostic inspection of the car.

In October 2017 Rostec announced the imminent transition to a fully digital system of registration and accounting of motor vehicles in Russia. “In fact, all the information about the vehicle, its history will be available online. The system will become more efficient and convenient for owners of vehicles and for registered bodies and other services,” — said the Corporation.

22 February 2018 in Russia came into force new rules of inspection. To resolve check-out on public roads is a car, in addition to fire extinguisher and warning triangle must be equipped with a first aid kit. It is also prohibited the admission of vehicles to public roads when there is a fault of the servo. The same order of the government was a ban on the installation of “coloured or colourless optical components and films” on headlight lenses. Furthermore, never operate the vehicle if winter studded tires installed on all wheels.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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