Russian years did not pay for communal and sued hundreds of thousands of rubles



A resident of the Ural village Schelkun Michael Neujmin for several years ignored the bills for utility services, and when the management company tried to collect from it debts in court, filed a counter-suit and win the sum that exceeds the size of the accumulated debt. It is reported portal

How do I find the correspondents of the portal have Neujmin guest apartment in a two story house he bought about seven years ago. When came the first frosts, in the bathroom, the nursery and the sitting room began to grow icy stalactites. The ceiling poured water, the walls were rotting and covered with mold. In addition, the man found in the room through cracks in the street. The apartment was not heated.

Neujmin tried has complained about the condition of houses and apartments in the local housing, but her boss wouldn’t listen man. Then the landlord stopped paying utilities, and his wife called into the office of the President of Russia and told about the problem.

Then from Moscow came orders to eliminate all drawbacks in the house. Some of them were indeed eliminated, but to repair the apartment Neujmin the utility refused.

The management company sued the man to court for non-payment of services and won the case. A debt in installments deducted from the salary of Neuimina. Meanwhile, the debtor filed against the utility claim for negligent maintenance of the house. The court sided with the men, obliging the company to pay to him, 720 thousand rubles.

The money has not been transferred, the defendant plans to appeal a judicial decision, but in the social networks of Neuimina has been dubbed a national hero — he managed to destroy the myth of the “flooding” of the system housing, said

According to Rosstat, released in July this year, the total debt of Russians for housing and communal services is around 1.4 trillion rubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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